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Keystone Flap with Omega Variation and Sydney Melanoma Unit Modification to Cover Small- and Moderate-Sized Defects in the Anterior Lower Leg
Background: Covering a small defect on the anterior lower leg is challenging because less soft tissue is available. This study presents the application of a keystone flap (KF) with omega variation (OV) and Sydney melanoma unit modification (SMUM) for small- and moderatesized pre...
Surgical Treatment of Sacrococcygeal Pilonidal Sinus with a Leaf Flap
Background: Pilonidal sinus, occurring in 7% of the population, is a disease found in the cleavage of the buttocks, typically in young males after puberty. This study explored the utility of the leaf flap, a unilobed fasciocutaneous transposition flap, as a reconstructive method...
Effects of Prostaglandin E1 and Supplemental Oxygen on the Wound Healing
Background: When an avulsion wound is combined with a crushing injury or when a local flap is moved with significant tension, poor local blood supply may result in partial or complete necrosis of the involved tissue. This paper explores procedures to prevent tissue necrosis for ...
CASE REPORT 2021 June 30
Single-Stage Peninsula-Shaped Lateral Tongue Flap Reconstruction for Buccal Defects in Two Patients: Revisiting a Simple and Safe Reconstructive Option
Intraoral defects are increasingly reconstructed using free flaps. However, certain situations may render free flap reconstruction difficult. This study presents two cases with underlying comorbidities that underwent reconstruction of buccal defects involving the retromolar trig...
CASE REPORT 2021 June 30
Kaplan’s Lesion of the Little Finger Treated with Open Reduction by a Volar Approach: A Case Report
Kaplan’s lesions are defined as open wounds with the metacarpal head exposed in the palms, accompanied by complex dorsal dislocation of the metacarpophalangeal joint (MCPJ). Kaplan’s lesions are clinically rare because the volar side of the MCPJ is anatomically supported and ...
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